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Anderson Ridge Vet Hospital is a comprehensive medical & surgical facility that provides quality and affordable care for your four-legged family members!

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Where Pets are Family!

When I lived in College Station, I met Dr. Worrell and instantly knew she did a superb job caring for my dog Fen. When she moved to Anderson Ridge, I decided to follow her to the new practice. Now, my husband and I drive all the way from Houston to see Dr. Worrell and her amazing staff.


My dog Fen is an elderly boxer so she requires quite a bit care. Dr. Worrell always does any incredible job of going above and beyond caring for Fen. She is caring, personable, intelligent, and is certainly worth the 1.5 hour drive!!”

Lacy C.


Everyone here was so amazing. They were friendly to me and my pet. They understood how anxious I was. They fixed my pet up quickly and even called later to check on him. Also the prices didn’t put me into debt. I would totally recommend.

Erica, Google Reviews


“Dr. Worrell and the staff at ARVH are very personable and give the feel of a hometown vet. The waiting area and the exam rooms are clean. They are honest and affordable.”

Dick M.


About Dr. Amanda Worrell

Dr. Amanda Worrell is the veterinarian and owner of Anderson Ridge Veterinary Hospital. She grew up in South Carolina where she attended Clemson University for her undergraduate work. She then moved to Texas and obtained a Master’s degree in Equine Science and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University.


Wellness Exams & Vaccinations
  • Wellness visits are advised once or twice a year depending on the age and condition of your pet. In addition to a comprehensive physical evaluation of your pet at these visits, we also advise which vaccinations are needed and how often. Vaccinations in adult animals are typically required every 1 or 3 years depending on the vaccine.


  • Parasite prevention is an important component of wellness visits. We can explain in detail the many different preventatives that are available and recommend the best product for your pet’s needs.


  • Nutrition and appropriate diets are also discussed at wellness visits.

Spays & Neuters
  • Spaying and neutering your pets is STRONGLY advised.

  • Spays for female pets and neuters for male pets can be performed typically as early as 12 weeks of age. There are some studies that show a benefit in waiting longer in some breeds of dogs, and this can be determined on individual basis.

  • Spays and neuters are typically performed as “day procedures”, in which you will drop your pet off at the clinic in the morning and then pick he/she up in the afternoon.

Orthopedic Surgery

We can accommodate most orthopedic surgeries here at Anderson Ridge Vet Hospital. Orthopedic surgeries that can be performed here include fracture repairs, patella luxation repair, TPLO, amputations, hip dislocation, and more.

Dental Procedures

Dental disease is extremely common in pets, can be quite debilitating, and can lead to more extensive health issues. We provide deep and thorough dental cleanings that are performed under general anesthesia. At the time of the dental, we evaluate whether there is a need for any extractions and perform them as deemed necessary. If you are unsure if a dental is needed in your pet(s), we are happy to see your pet for a dental exam.

Digital X-Ray
Senior Wellness Testing
Senior wellness testing is strongly advised once or twice a year in aging pets. Appropriate age to start this testing can depend on breed. For example, 6-8 years may be considered “senior” or “geriatric” in larger breeds, but smaller breeds may not be considered “geriatric” until 7-9 years of age. If you have questions regarding the importance of senior wellness testing and the age of your pet(s), we would love to see your pets for an evaluation.
Heartworm Treatments
Heartworm disease is very common and is often fatal if not treated, which is why we strongly advise year-round prevention. However, if your pet is unfortunate enough to become infected with heartworms, there is a safe and effective treatment. The treatment consists of both oral and injectable medications given at specific times over a 3-4 month period. If your pet is tested and determined to be infected with heartworms, we will explain the treatment in detail and counsel you throughout the process.
End of Life Counseling
Making end of life decisions for our pets can be tremendously difficult. We are here to help you navigate through the decisions as well as the euthanasia process itself.
Internal Medicine

Anderson Ridge Vet Hospital is equipped to diagnose and treat a vast range of illnesses or injuries that may be affecting your pets. Please do not hesitate to call and make an appointment if there is anything abnormal going on with your pet so we can diagnose and prescribe what is needed to get your pet feeling better quickly.

Puppy & Kitten Exams

Puppies and kittens need a series of exams with vaccinations early in their life to provide immunity from multiple diseases and a healthy start to life.

We advise a series of at least 3 appointments with vaccines. These appointments are spaced 2-3 weeks apart, beginning sometime between 6-8 weeks of age.

We will also initiate a parasite prevention protocol at this time.

Diagnostic ultrasounds are scheduled with a travelling ultrasound veterinarian who comes as needed to Anderson Ridge Vet Hospital to ultrasound your pet on-site.
Soft Tissue Surgery

We can accommodate numerous and various soft tissue surgeries, including mass/tumor removals, skin growth removals, abdominal exploratories, foreign body removals, cystotomies, c-sections, cherry eye surgery, entropion surgery, ear hematoma surgery, laceration/wound repair, pyometra surgery, anal sacculectomies, biopsies, and many more.

In-House Diagnostic Blood Testing
Diagnostic blood testing offered in-house includes CBC, blood chemistries, serum electrolytes, thyroid testing, SDMA, fructosamine, FeLV/FIV, cPLI, fPL, and heartworm antigen. Microscopic evaluation of your pet’s blood is also performed with bloodwork.
Limited Boarding
Anderson Ridge Vet Hospital is not a boarding facility but we do have some limited space for your pet(s) to stay here for short periods of time. For more accommodating boarding facilities, we are happy to recommend several respectable places around town. Call us for more info.
We offer 15-digit, internationally-compatible microchips. They cost $37.50 to implant.
House Calls
Depending on location, we are happy to schedule house calls if it is not possible for you to bring your pet to the hospital. Charges for house calls range from $50-$75 depending on location. House calls must be scheduled in advance and depend on availability.

We Accept Care Credit!


NO HUMP WEDNESDAYS – 15% Off Spays & Neuters!

We offer 15% off spays and neuters every Wednesday, year-round! By appointment only.